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You are welcomed to submit abstracts to IAPA2020.

Abstract Terms and Conditions

The content of the submitted abstracts must be original internationally and domestically unpublished papers or scientific research results that have not been read out and exchanged in similar academic meetings before the congress.

 Please submit your abstract in accordance with the given category. Your abstract can be a essay or a review or a case report related to basic and clinical research.

 Please submit the manuscript in abstract form, with solid scientific basis and prominent focus. The number of characters is limited to 2000.

 Please specify the first author and correspondent when submitting.

The topics of abstract are as follows:

Hearing Loss (SSNHL, ARHL,NIHL,Unilateral Hearing Loss,Central Hearing Loss. etc)

 Tinnitus (Assessment, Mechnism, Treatment, etc.)

 Vestibular Disease and Vestibular Rehabilitation

 Hearing Loss (SSNHL, ARHL,NIHL etc.)

 Genetics and Genetic Counseling (Development-related / Animal Model Research / Clinical Cases, etc.)       

Auditory Neuropathy Diagnosis and Basic Research

 Biological Interventions (Gene Therapy / Stem Cell Therapy and Hair Cell Regeneration)

 Artificial Hearing Interventions (Hearing Implants / Hearing Aids / Hearing Rehabilitation)

 Clinical and Basic Research in Audiology

 Newborn Hearing and Genetic Screening

 New Technology for Diagnosis and Treatment of Inner Ear Diseases
(Imaging / Electrophysiology / New diagnosis and Treatment Equipment)


 Rare Diseases and Miscellaneous

Guidelines to submission:


Deadline of submission: Mar. 31st, 2020

The notification of acceptance as oral presentation will be issued before April 28, 2020. 

If you have any questions, please contact the secretariat: